The Two Key Traits Cloud Based CIM Platforms Should Have

The Two Key Traits Cloud Based CIM Platforms Should Have

Cloud migration and adoption are important as 2015 Key Traits

Cloud Based draws to a close as a new Right Scale

survey found that 93% of organizations worldwide

use the cloud in one form or another.

CompTIA said last year that the adoption

of the cloud in all its forms had crossed 90%.

The conclusion is astounding considering that most people still think

the cloud is high above the ground.

The terrain is now touching the cloud as 88% of organizations

use public Key Traits Cloud Based cloud services. However,

while not all of these organizations run their applications in the cloud,

more than 60% have created applications that are compatible with the cloud,

indicating that their migration to the cloud is inevitable at some point.

It is assumed that the cloud is good for companies Key Traits Cloud Based and customers,

and specifically if you are a consumer-oriented company

with customer identity management as a key component.

Several vendors provide customer identity management

platforms such as S a a S, which are implemented in the cloud and have made huge profits.

Since managing customer identities involves great Key

Traits Cloud Based security and protection of private

customer data, some companies believe that the cloud may not be a good option.

They think this way mainly for two reasons:

cloud security and migration.

Security in the cloud is no longer an issue,

as several years of cloud installation have shown.

In fact, the cloud is considered more secure than an internal server.

This brings us to the second point in the transition challenges.

Comp TIA found that about 63% of organizations found migration to the cloud difficult.

It is true. “Most of the cost and effort of any

IT project is generally consumed by integration,

and cloud computing is no different. If anything,

cloud integration can be even more challenging as it requires web APIs.

It may be unknown to the technical Integration can be further

complicated by industries acquiring their own applications

without knowing how to fit into the overall system,

”said Seth Robinson,

Comp TIA Senior Director of Technology Analysis.

As Robinson explains

the challenges of the transition can be divided into two.

One is unfamiliarity with APIs and the other is integration issues.

These are exactly the two issues that you need to

consider when choosing a cloud-based C I M provider for your business.

Your client’s identity management platform should take care of the

entire integration process on the programming side

without requiring you to decode unknown API codes.

Integration is a key feature that C I M platform providers must

or may not have implemented in the cloud.

C I M platforms are designed to be consumer-oriented and form the core

of your business strategy, which means that the platform

must be able to integrate with all your C R M, C M S, selling,

marketing and D M P tools without creating silos.

As we touch, the earth touches the cloud,

and if you’re looking for a C I M platform, you should too.
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