Robot Artificial Intelligence

Robot Artificial Intelligence

Robot Artificial Intelligence as the Court of  in its mind

Law that  all others was that no robot should say

No matter how true, that  A slap in the

Mouth with a  wrench will do the trick.

Sure, boss.” He said ”

So is “artificial intelligence” the point

At which a machine’s ability to think can

Programming, or is it the test of applying

Mere rules  to answer a series of problems.

Now, our best efforts to form artificial intelligence

Have bent little more than an amazing human-like

Ability in a computer program to understand

That the letter Y means “yes” and the letter N means

This may seem a bit  but  it is not far from the truth

of the matter.


If we  any notion of  applied to the word  in terms

Of a technological form such as a human being, it is

Clear that this is not something similar to using the word

To describe both birds and aircraft.  forms of  than air flight.

The field of study of the  of artificial intelligence

Asumes that it is possible to synthesize something

That meets the conditions of “intelligence”, not

Everyone accepts the current s of human  and the

System, which are  from time to time by critics.

Who maintains for various reasons that artificial

Intelligence is doomed to failure.

A good example of such a is known as

which defines artificial intelligence as

Which  that any  of artificial intelligence is

Impossible and that concepts and  such as

Are abilities, which are unique to human.

At this point, I would like to draw the  between

Artificial intelligence derived from the

Based on  in the  test, which is in fact

Just a test of the system to mimic

Human-scale perform through  and as such is a

Simulation of the desired effect on the one

Hand and the  capacity of a system to

Learn, control and  natural language or to

Exercise free will; etc. in the other one.

For example, using the Turing test as a model,

If a computer were to  the ability to decide that

If taken by a human it would indicate the use of

The system would exist due to the fact that

It is not a human scale test. perform,

But simply tests your  to respond to a process

of pure -response responses to input (not to the action itself).

Artificial Intelligence

The study of artificial intelligence is a  of computer

Science that is  concerned with the goal of introducing

Human-scale  that is completely  from a human

Concept of  inference (new facts from known facts)

And represent of the symbolic  for use in

Introducing the ability to connect in program systems.

An example of conclusion is that since all human

Beings are mortal and Socrates is a man, it is a

Trivial step to  that  is mortal. Humans can express

These concepts  as this is a  part of human  In this way,

Reproduction brain can be seen as an shot to

Model aspects of  thought, and this is to

Artificial intelligence research.


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