Makes A Good PDF Application

Makes A Good PDF Application

The API stands for Application Programming Interface Good PDF API and can be defined as a set of protocols, tools and routines for building software applications. The API can determine the functions of an application, and it can therefore Good PDF API vary according to the different needs of the application. Creating PDF from plain HTML code and web pages requires the use of a professional API in various applications. However, you need to make the right choice when it comes to the Good PDF API  interface to enjoy an easy Good PDF API time with your creation. So what makes a good API for your PDF needs?

    • Ease of use

    • This is an important feature of a good interface, as you can easily find your way and go through the process without too much hassle. The best really should not require any installation on your part so that you can go straight to the creations that suit your needs.
    • Easy integration: the fewer code lines, the easier the interface becomes for . In essence, a good, reliable interface does not need third-party libraries to make it work and function as expected. Fortunately, today you will find solutions that do not require other libraries.
    • Good PDF settings: Once you have a reliable API, you will enjoy setting up PDF settings to make the creation process easier. They include settings such as margins, web page settings, page orientation and size. They are all options that make it easier for you to create PDF from the web page or HTML string you need.

A good API must also work in different programming languages. This gives you the flexibility you deserve to get the best results from your creations. JavaScript support is another  feature you need to consider in your interface.

3 reasons why PDFs are better

They offer document security

PDF files meet the important business security need that is document security, especially when sharing information over the Internet, intranets and various networks. This format allows you to use document-level security passwords. Therefore, you can email the documents to different places and people without  about  viewing.

  1. They are compatible on different platforms

PDF file formats can represent documents independent of an operating system, application software and hardware depending on the creation . Therefore, transferable documents can be enjoyed and shared between multiple applications. This is a feature that makes the format reliable even for cross-platform.

Offer essential compression features

A document scanned at up to 1,000 kilobytes on a system can be to at least 28 to about 33 kilobytes when converted to PDF. Even electronic documents can be compressed to  sizes, making them easy to open. The benefit of  makes PDF files the best choice for intranet, Internet, and network workstations. You can enjoy fast and improved document exchange without wasting too much time and time.

HTML to PDF converter can be very helpful in different kinds of. However, it is also important to find the best API to make your html for PDF creation easy and fast.


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