Impact of Technology in Banking

Bank; In the domain of banking and finance not anything stands still. The most important amendment of all is within the, scope of the business of banking. However banking in its ancient from cares with the acceptance of deposits from the purchasers. The loaning of surplus of deposited cash to appropriate customers World Health Organization want to borrow and transmission of funds.

Excluding ancient business, banks these days offer a good variety of services to satisfy the money and non-financial desires of every type of consumers. From the littlest account holder to the most important company and in some cases of non-customers. Therefore the variety of services offered differs from bank to bank relying in the main on the sort and size of the bank.




As a financial organization in a very developing country. The {reserve bank|Federal Reserve Bank} Republic of India (RBI) has adopted development of the banking and financial market united of its prime objectives. “Institutional development” was the hallmark of this approach from Nineteen Fifties to Nineteen Seventies. Likewise within the Nineteen Eighties, the banking company centered on “improvements within the productivity” of the banking sector. Being convinced that technology is that the key for up in productivity. The banking company took many initiatives to popularize usage of technology by banks in Republic of India.



Liberalization brought many changes to Indian industry. Most likely Indian banking system learnt an incredible lesson. Pre-liberalization, all we have a tendency to do at a bank was deposit and withdraw cash. Service standards were pathetic, however all we have a tendency to may do was grin and bear it.


Technology is transforming each field of human effort and movement. One among them is introduction of knowledge technology into capital market. The web banking is dynamic the banking system and has the key effects on banking relationship. Internet is a lot of necessary for retail money services than for several alternative industries.


Plastic cash was a wonderful gift to Indian marketplace. Giving interval from resounding an extreme amount of money. Currently many new options additional to plastic cash to create it a lot of engaging. It works on formula purchase currently repay later. There an area unit totally different fact of plastic cash MasterCard is synonyms of all.


Credit card may be a money instrument, which may be used quite once to borrow cash or purchase product and services on credit. Banks, retail stores and alternative businesses usually issue these. On the idea of their credit limit, they’re of various sorts like classic, gold or silver.


Over the years, the banking sector in Republic of India has seen a no. of changes. Most of the banks have begun to require associate innovative approach towards banking with the target of making a lot of price for purchasers and consequently, the banks. a number of the numerous changes within the banking sector area unit mentioned below.

Artificial Intelligence Technology



Taking blessings of the booming marketplace for mobile phones and cellular services, also many banks have introduced mobile banking that permits customers to perform banking transactions victimisation their mobile phones. For instances HDFC has introduced SMS services. Mobile banking has been particularly targeted at those that travel oftentimes and to stay track of their banking group action.



One of the innovative schemes to be launched in rural banking was the KISAN mastercard (KCC) SCHMME started in financial  1998-1999 by NABARD. KCC mode it easier for framers to buy necessary agricultural inputs. additionally to regular agricultural loans, banks to supply many alternative product engaged to the wants of the agricultural folks.

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